Cronic Fatigue Cures

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Posted by: FrankieB

I have a friend who is suffering from chrinic fatigue.  What suggestions do you have to help her?  Any remedies that might not involve meds?

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Has she considered Acupuncture and/or an herbalist?
Oct 31, 2009
there is insufficient evidence of benefit to recommend any specific dietary or herbal supplements as a treatment for chronic fatigue. Meditation and Yoga might help your friend
Nov 1, 2009
I have always been a firm believer in exercise. It is counter-intuitive but it works!
Oct 31, 2009
Avoid anything with "ines" caffeine nicotine and these are false energizers they themselves cause crashing. I used to think I was craving chocolate but it was the caffeine. Try spinach or anything with a natural B vitamin. Any type lotion mint oil in it is refreshing. There are lots of decaf energizing teas as well. Good luck to your friend.
Oct 26, 2009
Get checked out by a doctor first. Then stay away from things like sugar that will pump up your body only to have it slump down throughout the day. Watch what you eat and try to eat foods high in vitamins and minerals that one might be lacking. An iron deficientcy could lead to chronic fatigue.
Oct 26, 2009