Are too many eggs bad for you?

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Is it bad to eat too many eggs?

The reason I ask is because I am considering starting some weight training and building some muscle, but many of the diet programs I read about include many eggs per day, sometimes up to 6!

Is this unhealthy? I think I heard somewhere that they raise your cholesterol or might clog your arteries?

Is any of this true?

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Eggs, although they have a high technical cholesterol, have been shown to actually lower a persons own cholesterol.
Raw eggs are not good for you, although many weight training programs promote eating raw eggs. Something in the way the body processes raw eggs is not good. Cooking makes them easier to digest.
Jan 28, 2010
My cousin is an actor,who recently had to build good muscle for a movie then he undergone a weight training program with specific diet..which contains 12 egg whites a day,Egg whites are full of protein,so there is absolutely no harm in eating 6 egg whites.

But the dangerous part is the yolk(yellow part) u have to avoid eating yolk which is full of carbohydrates..much consumption of yolk results in cholesterol and heart diseases.
Jan 28, 2010
The key is to avoid the yolks. That is where all of the fat and cholesterol comes from.
Jan 28, 2010
In a word, No.

Dietary cholesterol has very little effect on your blood cholesterol.
Jan 28, 2010
If you are doing just the egg white,eggs are a super source of protein without a lot of fat.

As a matter of fact, Julio Franco, professional baseball player and health fanatic would eat 25 egg whites every day.

Just do the whites and you are golden!
Jan 28, 2010
Yes it is well documented that more than 2 eggs a day can raise your cholesterol. You can however buy protein shakes that will help you as theses are also packed with vitamins and nutrients they are a much healthier alternative.

Hope this helps
Jan 27, 2010
try egg whites. They are only 15 calories for serving they have a ton of protein in them and they won't clog your arteries
Jan 18, 2010
a lot of eggs will raise your cholesterol level, but if you are already young and healthy, it should not be a big deal. You can also add almonds, olive oil and other sources of good cholesterol to help counteract the negative effects a little bit. Cholesterol is not really big problem except for the grossly obese or people over 40. If you do not make it a lifelong habit, I do not think a few months of it will be a big deal.
Jan 18, 2010