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Track your Team and Referrals: Links Added

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

View the “My teams” menu and you will now notice two new links:

Show all teams” will list all teams on IO and some key stats for teams.

Show all users” will list all users on IO and some key stats for individuals, including the number of referrals. This is a way you can track your referrals (this tracks referral sign ups only, for you to get the referral bonus your sign up referral needs to become active on the site).

You can also see the “Show all users” link when you view another user’s profile.

Referral Bonus is live!

Monday, August 30th, 2010

It is a pleasure to announce IdeaOffer’s new Referral Bonus System!

Referral rules:

  • Do not spam - Period.  Do not let your invite link be spammed.  See IdeaOffer’s Terms of Service and CAN-SPAM law.  Your account will be terminated without any referral payout.
  • Do not abuse the Referral Bonus System, such as with fake accounts, or attempt to manipulate results in any way.  Your account will be terminated without any referral payout.
  • Any referral must be “active” before bonus can be paid.  An active user is a legitimate participant in the community and at minimum receives the “Idea Maker” accolade on their profile for submitting an idea.
  • The referral bonus system may be cancelled at any time by IdeaOffer management.
  • Be aware that bonus rates are subject to change at any time and are temporary in nature.

The current rate for referral to IdeaOffer is:

  • .25 ¢ flat active referral bonus
  • 5% bonus when your referral creates a cash project
  • 2% bonus when your referral’s idea is selected as a cash winner

You may find your invite link in the “Edit Profile” area of

Thank you for responsibly helping our idea community grow!