Referral Bonus is live!

It is a pleasure to announce IdeaOffer’s new Referral Bonus System!

Referral rules:

  • Do not spam - Period.  Do not let your invite link be spammed.  See IdeaOffer’s Terms of Service and CAN-SPAM law.  Your account will be terminated without any referral payout.
  • Do not abuse the Referral Bonus System, such as with fake accounts, or attempt to manipulate results in any way.  Your account will be terminated without any referral payout.
  • Any referral must be “active” before bonus can be paid.  An active user is a legitimate participant in the community and at minimum receives the “Idea Maker” accolade on their profile for submitting an idea.
  • The referral bonus system may be cancelled at any time by IdeaOffer management.
  • Be aware that bonus rates are subject to change at any time and are temporary in nature.

The current rate for referral to IdeaOffer is:

  • .25 ¢ flat active referral bonus
  • 5% bonus when your referral creates a cash project
  • 2% bonus when your referral’s idea is selected as a cash winner

You may find your invite link in the “Edit Profile” area of

Thank you for responsibly helping our idea community grow!

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