Round 1 YouTube Video Contest

Prize: One $50 winner.  There is no mystery grand prize entry awarded in this contest.

Description: Create a YouTube video that positively mentions IdeaOffer and if your video has the highest number of legitimate views you will win.

How to Enter:

  1. Create a YouTube video which positively mentions IdeaOffer.
  2. Post the video on YouTube.
  3. Respond to the appropriate project on IdeaOffer with a link to your video.


  1. You must be the creator of the YouTube video to win.
  2. All views must be legitimate.  If management holds any of your views suspect of being fake your entry will be disqualified.
  3. The video must mention IdeaOffer in a positive way.
  4. You may enter multiple videos, but the views are not cumulative.  Each video’s view count is a separate entry.

Winner Selection:

  1. When IdeaOffer has 2,000 users the contest will end and the project will be closed.
  2. Each valid entry will be reviewed and the video found to have the most legitimate views will be announced as the winner.

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