Guy's Weekend Trip

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Posted by: PrincetonGrad

Some of my best buddies and I are looking to do a "guy's weekend trip".

We all live in the northeast part of the U.S.

We have thought about a trip to Vegas, but were wondering if there were any other good suggestions.

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If looking for a "warm" weather location I recommend South Beach, Fl. There are nice beaches there and great things to do in the Miami area including professional and college sporting events.
Dec 9, 2009
Destin Florida is an amazingly beautiful place to vaca. White sand beaches, bright blue water, and loads of local-on the beach eateries (and its an easy flight from the Northeastern US). Watch for the weather to improve in FL...and book that flight!
Dec 22, 2009
Atlanta is an excellent destination if you are into strip clubs and nightlife. It also has an excellent botanical Garden, museums, Stone Mountain, Six Flags over Georgia, the world of Coca-Cola and other touristy type things to do during the day. Tampa is also an excellent destination. There is a nearby Indian Reservation for gambling. And also offers excellent weather and all types of water sports like fishing, skiing etc. The city is also known for its world-class strip clubs and you are relatively close if you want to spend a day in the Everglades.
Dec 18, 2009
Rafting trip down the Chattahoochee in Atlanta. Then go to Atlanta International Raceway catch a race.
Dec 14, 2009
Although it might sound odd to begin with, think it through before rejecting it.


Paintball parks routinely throw 24 hour scenario games that usually run from noon on Saturday to noon on Sunday (normally break around midnight and resume 8AM the following morning). If you have a group of friends it's an extremely fun activity and a complete adrenaline rush. You may finish the weekend a little sore, but will have plenty of stories to share with your buddies. Plus, it will help separate characteristics in your friends. It's a lot of fun that people usually balk at when they first hear about it.
Dec 9, 2009