Round 1 Referral Contest

Prize: One $100 winner.  The winner will also receive an entry for the mystery grand prize.

Description: The first user to refer 100 legitimate and active users will win $100.


  1. Do NOT spam!  Your account will be terminated without referral payment.  See CAN-SPAM.
  2. All 100 users must be legitimate active users.  If, at management’s discretion, some of the referrals are found to be inactive or fake during review the referrals will be disqualified and the entrant’s account may also be suspended for violation of the TOS.
  3. If the entrant has earned other rewards for the referrals under IdeaOffer’s referral program it does not necessarily mean the referrals will be found legitimate and active when reviewed for this contest.
  4. Active users include those who log in, participate in the community, etc.

Winner Selection:

  1. The first user to refer 100 legitimate active users will be notified that they have won after management has reviewed their referrals.
  2. If management determines there is some problem with the first user’s referrals, the contest will continue on to the next potential winner.

You can find your invite link under “Edit Profile” on — see more information about regular referral bonus rates here:

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  1. Griffin M says:

    Umm do we get a ref feral link because if we do it would beneasier

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