Research Examples of Successful Implementation of Employee and Customer Ideas

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Help IdeaOffer identify some excellent examples of businesses which actively sought out ideas from employees and/or customers and benefited greatly as a result.

For example:

"Two hundred and sixty American Airlines employees and guests flew off today in a new Boeing 777, an airplane those employees helped to purchase with cost savings resulting from their innovative ideas.

The new Boeing 777, with a list price of $150 million, was branded "American Spirit, IdeAAs In Flight," in honor of American Airlines' IdeAAs Employee Solutions Program.

"The IdeAAs program illustrates the power of employee ideas and recognizes those employees by rewarding them for their solutions," said Bob Stoltz, managing director of IdeAAs. "There's no better way to strengthen our company than by going to the people who do the job every day."

... Their innovative ideas ranged from scheduling improvements that shorten flight times between airports, to reconfiguring flap settings on specific aircraft, to using a single coffee pot brewer per day on each airplane instead of replacing them at each destination.

This is the second Boeing airplane that American has purchased with savings from its IdeAAs program... The current campaign, which has been under way since 1997, has resulted in more than $150 million in savings..."


Please provide references/sources to support your submission(s) such as web addresses to relevant press releases by the companies involved or information from other minimally biased sources such as independent news coverage or scholarly articles which should include details of the companies, programs, dates, and benefits involved.

At the end of this project period I will select one or more winners (up to 5 winners) who provided what I judge to be the best verifiable examples. Please do not duplicate others' submissions.
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